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Understanding Your Legal Online Gambling Options In 2023

Laws IconMany players have desired to see online gambling legalized for US based options for some time, and their desires are finally coming to fruition. As of this writing, there are numerous states which have successfully passed legislation legalizing some form of online gambling for their residents and visitors, and have launched their own state regulated online gambling initiative.

There are at least 10 additional states that are currently moving forward with discussions and creating legislation for their own online gambling projects.

This was all made possible when the DOJ took the official position that each state has the authority to determine their own fate concerning online gambling. This placed the responsibility and the authority in the hands of each individual state to determine for themselves if they wanted a piece of this pie.

It didn't take long thereafter for the process to start and for those states in favor of online gambling to pass legislation allowing the measure, and to start putting their own infrastructure in place to support a state licensed and based online gambling industry.

What To Expect With

Our guide includes a wide range of relevant topics to ensure that our visitors have access to everything they need to make healthy, informed decisions that will result in reaching legal, reputable and secure online gambling destinations. We explain what laws and regulations and considerations players need to be aware of in order to play online casinos for real money, sports betting and poker.

Bovada Casino

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Best USA Online Gambling Site For 2023

Top Rated IconBovada is our highest rated online gambling site for US players. Their parent company (Bodog) has been in business since the advent of online gambling in the 1990's, making them one of the most popular online sites for players who appreciate how important longevity and reputation is in the world of online gaming.

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Top USA Legal Online Gambling Sites In 2023

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Making Informed Decisions Concerning Legal Online Gambling

While the new changes concerning the legality of online gambling in the US are exciting, they can also be confusing, adding to the complexity of an already complicated gambling landscape. As long time gamblers ourselves, we fully realize the challenges players and bettors are facing in navigating the virtual gambling industry.

This was the driving force for creating this guide. We have designed it to serve as a valuable and informative resource to assist players in accessing all relevant information surrounding online gambling legalities.

We believe that knowledge really is power, and that players who are armed with accurate and relevant data will be able to make informed decisions concerning their participation in online gambling entertainment and what options are best for their specific needs and preferences.

The Value of Expert Input in Accessing Legal Online Gambling Sites

Approved IconIn addition to providing helpful information concerning the legality of online gambling elements and how they affect players and their access to various industry components, we also provide expert input regarding safe, reputable and high quality online gambling options that span a variety of betting venues.

There are predatory gambling sites out there which appear to be professional operations at first glance. It often takes a review team with industry knowledge and experience to reveal the legitimacy or illegitimacy of an online gambling business. There are specific components which must be in place and meet specific standards in order for a gambling site to be operating legally within the industry.

There are also definitive security standards which must be met in order to protect players and their sensitive data. Our review team is qualified to provide this type of evaluation and to determine the value and authenticity of any brand.

FAQ's About The Legalities And Regulation Of Online Betting Sites

Is Online Gambling Legal In America As Of 2023?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. There are no federal laws which legalize online gambling across the nation. However, each individual state has the authority to legalize state licensed online gambling options for their own territory.

Three states have already taken these steps: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, while others are in the process of doing so. Residents of states which have not legalized online gambling are able to legally access online gambling options through online gambling sites which are licensed, regulated and located outside of the United States.

These sites hold legitimate licensing and compliance certifications, and are subject to strict regulatory oversight from governing jurisdictions which have legalized online gambling for their respective territories and can therefore legally provide their services to players around the world, including players in the US.

There are no federal or state laws which prohibit US players from participating in these legally licensed offshore gambling sites. There are also no cases of law enforcement attempting to investigate or punish participants in this type of legal online gambling.

What Is The UIGEA Gambling Bill And How Does It Pertain To Gambling In 2023?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Bill was signed into law in 2006. It was created to prevent money laundering and fraudulent transactions associated with the online gambling industry. It put specific rules in place to regulate how online gambling transactions could be processed.

While it did cause somewhat of a shake up within the industry for several years, the dust has settled and the results are a safer and more refined infrastructure for processing online gambling transactions. Only those offshore gambling sites willing to comply with these regulatory requirements remain in the US market, and they have proven themselves dedicated to providing legally compliant options for USA players.

The UIGEA bill is actually making the integration of U.S. based online gambling sites and payment processing somewhat challenging, with industry officials still attempting to iron out the kinks as players in NJ, NV and DE struggle to obtain transaction approvals for funding their accounts at state licensed gambling sites.

It has however left the legal offshore gambling sites that accept US players with a strong payment processing platform that has had several years to come into compliance and learn to work with the regulatory requirements therein. We are certain that the state based gambling sites here in the US will work through the challenges they are facing on this front just as the offshore brands did.

Federal VS State: Why Isn't Online Gambling Regulated At The Federal Level?

There are constantly attempts being made to present federal legislation to legalize or prohibit online gambling on a national level, and thus far none have met with success. There is strong support and opposition to online gambling, and it will likely remain a controversial topic for years to come.

The DOJ wisely recognized online gambling to be a states' rights issue, and felt it best to leave the decision and the regulatory responsibility up to each individual state and its residents. I personally am a strong advocate of states' rights and applaud this decision. It allows like minded citizens to come together to determine their own fate and what is best for their life style, putting the power in the hands of the people, which is where it belongs.

2014 will see federal legislation presented in efforts to both legalize and prohibit online gambling on a national level. Several states have already acted on the DOJ's decision to allow them their own say in the matter. This makes it unlikely that federal legislation nullifying their efforts would be successfully passed as it would represent significant financial loss to those states already participating in their own online gambling initiatives.

We will be closely watching the events as they unfold, and will update the information in this guide accordingly.

Which US States Currently Offer Legal And State-Regulated Online Gambing Options In 2023?

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have each legalized online gambling of some type for their residents and visitors. All of the gambling sites available in these states are licensed and regulated by the state government, and provide gambling options which are completely legal.

Players must be present within the state's borders in order to participate, and be at least 21 years of age. Players are not required to be legal residents of the state in order to be eligible to participate, with visitors and travelers being welcome to play. Check out our section on legal USA gambling states.

What If I Live In Another State That Hasn't Made The Move To Regulate Online Gambling?

Players still have viable options to gamble for real money even if you don't reside in one of the states that offer state regulated legalized online gambling. In fact, there are numerous offshore gambling sites that are legally licensed and compliance certified in their respective jurisdictions and that accept players from all over the world, including the USA.

As such we have vetted the most reputable brands through an intense review process. This guide provides access to comprehensive reviews that cover all the pertinent details of their operation, allowing players to make well informed decisions concerning the options that best meet their gambling needs and preferences.

There are no laws that preclude American players from gambling at legally licensed and certified offshore sites.

Is Online Gambling Safe For The Average Player?

The answer to this question may vary depending on who you ask. Players who take the risk of playing at a random online casino that turned out to be rogue and is preventing them from collecting their winnings would scream that it is definitely not safe. Players who successfully participated at a reputable gambling site such as Bovada and who easily and quickly collected their winnings would disagree that participation is completely safe.

It all boils down to the selection of your online gambling destination. Not all gambling sites are created equal, and there are a number of dangerous, predatory and rogue gambling sites out there just waiting to take advantage of vulnerable players. This is one reason why expert input regarding recommended online gambling sites is so valuable.

There are extremely reputable gambling sites that offer fair games, fast payouts and an overall pleasant playing experience. But just like any business there are also bad apples in the bunch that exist for the sole reason of stealing players funds with no intention of paying them if they win. The worst cases also attack players by stealing their sensitive data and committing even worse cyber crimes against them.

We strongly suggest that you consider limiting your participation to those brands which are recommended by industry professionals and other players with personal experiences to share. You can access our reviews for detailed information, and can do a quick Google search to see what other players are sharing concerning their experience at a particular site.

A little due diligence and accurate research goes a long way when searching for a secure and legitimate online gambling experience.